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Seaborne trade in bulk commodities remains the backbone of globalisation with more than 11 billion tonnes of cargo carried annually.


Freight rates in the dry bulk sector can be extremely volatile, rallying or declining by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in days.

These levels of unpredictability mean that forward price transparency and the ability to manage price risks with financial derivatives are essential tools for any organisation with exposure to shipping rates.

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The trade registration service which EEX Asia offers allows the steel industry to manage price risks in a dynamic market. Additionally, clients benefit from the fast and efficient clearing services provided by European Commodity Clearing (ECC), Europe’s leading clearing house for energy products, which also provides a range of margin offsets with other commodities across several exchanges.


  • ECC means being connected to Europe’s major energy and commodity exchanges: One clearing house membership provides access to this network and a large variety of asset classes.

  • ECC assumes clearing as well as physical and financial settlement of transactions concluded and registered for clearing on all partner exchanges.

  • ECC connects European commodity markets through integrated and automated clearing processes and eliminates the counterparty risk through clearing and settlement of all transactions.

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Fuel oil price changes have a significant impact on the economics of shipping and international commodity deals, making efficient management of price risk a necessity for all participants in these markets.

In derivatives markets, the existing paradigm is designed for organisations whose core business is oil trading. The result of this is that companies which use fuel oil derivatives primarily for risk management, which trade infrequently or trade in smaller volumes, can find benchmarking fair value and obtaining forward price transparency difficult. Trading smaller clip sizes may also come at a significant premium to more standard transactions, making the market expensive for some users.

EEX Asia's Fuel Oil market breaks this paradigm by offering a level playing field to all through consistent and reliable price discovery, coupled with the ability for users to transact at a transparent and fair price. Whether managing fuel exposure for a single cargo or voyage, a specific period, a COA or a basket of risks, hedging can be tailored to match the individual organisation’s actual need and executed at the time it arises.

For more details, please find our latest Fuel Oil Product Specifications.


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